Our Future Goals

A new giveaway every time an investment target is reached.

Investment Goal
New Features
3.5% Daily
Video and Movie story telling
New Contest
Special Event
4% Daily

Investing in Future

Making an investment on FUTURE is a breeze. Its very easy and very secured backed by the powerful telegram platform. All you need to do is install telegram and follow our interactive bot.


Install Telegram

Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a focus on security and speed.


Earn Money

Follow the activate on telegram link on our site to interact with our bot and begin your never ending journey with us.


Future - is a interactive bot, which is able to work with your money and pay you minimum of 3.2% of net profit daily. Your investments is active for 60 days. Future's mission is to make sure that your constant wealth, safety and financial freedom will help you to be able to do whatever you want. Help you live freely. Based on the highly secure Telegram.org platform, Future can be considered as the most reliable instrument of the passive income that ever existed.


Who can join Future With Me? Are there any restrictions?

Future With Me is an open investment platform for every investor around the globe.

In a case of emergency, how can I contact you?

Please follow this link to join us on telegram https://telegram.me/joinchat/ELvtYUC5kUHWzPa-pYCIHQ or you can ask questions to the bot itself. Also you can contact our support directly using this link https://telegram.me/Future_support

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments from Perfect money, Payeer, ADV cash and Bitcoin.

Do you return principal?

No, we don’t return the principal. The principal amount is included in your daily profit.

What is your investment packages period?

The investment period is 60 days and daily return @ 3.2%.

What is your main activity?

We invest in Real state: the world's safest investment platform, market portfolios, bitcoin technology,trade options and online marketing as well.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in this business since bitcoin started.

How do I make my first investment?

Please follow these steps to make your investment.
1. Go to main menu
2. Click the earnings button
3. Click on my money button
4. Select the deposit button
5. You will find investment options. Choose the amount you want to deposit
6. Select your deposit method
7. Follow the provided link to complete your investment.

Will you cancel account without deposit?

No, the account without deposit will not be cancelled.

How often do you update my account?

Your account is updated automatically. The bot notifies you for every transaction on your account like deposits, withdrawals, daily profit and referral commissions.

How do I know the history of my transactions?

Please follow these steps to see your transaction history.
1. Go to main menu
2. Click the earnings button
3. Click on my money button
4. You can see the transaction button there. You will be able to see your transaction history there.

Do you add daily sales payments on weekends too?

Yes your daily profit will be added on weekends also.

How long will it take to add deposit amount into my account?

Your deposit is added instantly after you make a deposit.

What is the minimum and maximum amount of deposit?

The minimum deposit amount is $10 and the maximum amount is $100000.

Can I make additional investments at any time?

Yes, you can add funds anytime and as much as you want.

Can I have several individual deposits, made by various payment methods?

Yes, you can make as many deposits as you want through different payment systems.

Can I use same device for multiple accounts?

Yes, you can use same device for multiple accounts. Your telegram accounts should be different. You need to logout first and you can login from the different account.

How do I update my wallet?

Please follow these steps to update your wallet
1. Go to main menu
2. Click the earnings button
3. Click on my settings button
4. Select the wallet you want to update
5. Send your wallet address

The additional deposits into the same account are merged with the current principal or they are treated separately?

Additional deposits into an account will be treated separately and its daily profit is calculated and paid depending on its investment date. It is not possible to merge one of your investments with another one.

How do I invite referrals?

Please follow these steps to add referral
Go to main menu
Click the earnings button
Click on the my team button
Open my referral link
Use the provided link to invite referrals

How Can I add upline?

Please follow these steps to add upline

Go to main menu
Click the earnings button
Click on the my team button
Click on set my upline.
Enter the reference number of your upline.

What percentage of bonus will I get from my referral investment?

You will get 10% bonus from every referral who use your affiliate link

What is the minimum reinvestment amount?

All the available balance on your account will be reinvested when you make reinvestment

Can I pay with any accounts and withdraw with bitcoins? Are there any charges?

Yes you can deposit with any account available on the platform and withdraw with bitcoins. We do not charge fees for withdrawals.

When will referral commission be added to my account balance?

It will be added to your "Available to Withdraw" balance immediately after your referrals make a deposit.

Do I need to invest, if I want to start referring others and earn referral commissions?

No, you do not need to invest.

Can I change my upline?

Once you set your upline, you cannot change your upline.